Vegas Online Casino

Vegas Online Casino

A Vegas online casino is a casino that can be found on the internet and is modelled after the casinos which one can find and go to visit in Las Vegas, America. These online casinos have casino games where you can win real money, just like the casinos in actual Las Vegas. For many years if one lived in Dubai and wanted to play casino games, you would have to go down to the actual brick and mortar casino, braving crowds as well as security and possibly have to wait in line to gain access to your favourite game. With a Vegas online casino, you can simply use a computer or other device, and play your game from wherever in Dubai you are. Continue reading

Secure online casino

Secure Online Casino Criteria

One of the many reasons that people were able to freely visit land-based casinos over the last few casinos was the security that these casinos offered. Security personnel were always around, ensuring that the players felt safe with their money. For the most part, it was about finding a casino that boasted the best security measures available that players gravitated toward, and this is exactly the same with modern online casinos. Security is arguably the most important aspect of any online casino, and due to the nature of Internet-related crime, finding a place that offers a safe environment to bank is more vital than ever. Continue reading

Arabian Rose

Arabian Rose Online Slot Review

Eye-catching and evocative, Arabian Rose is a five reel slot that has four rows and features forty paylines. The graphics and sound effects are well crafted and the game itself has a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of bet sizes. Players need to keep an eye out for the wild and scatter symbols, as well as a bonus round that offers players extra chances to increase their winnings.

The story that unfolds in the Arabian Rose slot revolves around a beautiful Arabian belly dancer. The theme of the game is distinctly Middle Eastern and is set against a jewel-toned backdrop that is adorned with plumes of beautiful peacock feathers.  The reels are housed in an intricately adorned frame and are flanked on each side by golden minarets. All of these design elements compliment the Arabian theme of the game wonderfully. Continue reading

ICC World Twenty20

Betting On The ICC World Twenty20

The ICC World Twenty20 is a biannual international cricket tournament. The contest has currently 16 teams from all over the world who are all a part of the International Cricket Council.  Ten of those teams are full members of the ICC and the other six are affiliate or associate members. The ICC World Twenty20 is still a relatively young tournament, with only six of them having been held as of 2016. The inaugural event was held in South Africa and saw India as the victors with Pakistan coming in second.

The idea behind the T20 cricket is that the games are much faster paced than traditional cricket. A traditional cricket game can go on for days, with each team having a number of innings. With T20 each team gets only one innings, with only 20 overs. Each side has a time limit as well of 80 minutes. If they have not finished their overs in the allotted time then they forfeit the remaining ones. There can also be no ties in T20 cricket, which makes placing a bet more exciting. Continue reading

Grand Final

The Grand Final Betting Options

As most are already aware, sport tournaments have various tiers, with the competing teams vying to see who will advance to the next level, and hence be declared the best of a specific tier. This system is the only efficient way to decide which sports team can fairly be declared the best of all competing teams. The tier system also creates a great deal of excitement and anticipation amongst sports fans, with all eyes turn towards the grand final of a tournament.

A grand final match decides who is the current best team, or individual, in any given sport, depending on the game in question. It is natural that the grand final is the most attended and watched match, with sports such as football having tens of thousands of live spectators, and millions of fans watching around the world via television broadcast. Once the grand final match has concluded, the winner is declared the ultimate champion. Although, depending on which tournament it is being played, this may only be for a specific region, or faction within a sport. Continue reading

Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en

Online Play’n Go Slot Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en

The title of this slot game paints a rather convincing picture of a classic online slot game with a coffee theme to it. As the bars in Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en signify, this is a classic interpretation of a slot, with the notable symbols employed ones similar to those that have graced some of the more memorable classic slot machines. Despite this classic styled approach the theme of coffee and restaurants is still evident on the reels, and through the graphics, symbols and more this theme is perpetuated quite decently in this Play’n Go slot game.

This slot is definitely for those players focused primarily on the gameplay involved, and want to play the reels and any bonuses thereon as the central role in the game at hand. This is because Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en has just 3 reels and only 5 pay lines, a simple setup compared with the more exciting online slots available today. There are selections of betting options involved as well as a more dedicated pay table with a good range of symbols available to win through. Even the bonus features in this slot game are setup with the reels in mind, and include the likes of Wilds with multipliers and Scatter symbols to navigate the limited number of reels more lucratively. Continue reading

Golden Ticket

Circus Themed Online Slot Game Golden Ticket

It’s time for a trip to the circus with this Golden Ticket online slot game from Play’n Go. There’ll be clowns, strongmen and magicians, as well as a unique approach to gameplay such that this is more arcade game with betting than the orthodox slot game. Otherwise the graphics of the game are fairly decent, with a nice array of colour and animation adding to the action of the gameplay. The theme of the circus is also perpetuated across the game, in aspects like the symbols on the game grid, the backdrop behind and alongside it as well as the sound effects supporting the features.

This Golden Ticket slot game does present well but it’s the gameplay of it that will catch the players’ eyes the most. Instead of a reel system this game employs a 5 by 5 grid, still with symbols and combination forming but instead of pay lines these combinations are created with 3 or more adjacent symbols on the grid, going either vertical or horizontal. There is also a range of betting options like the more orthodox slots have, which allows for more players to find a game at their preferred bet level. Additional to this unique playing style this Golden Ticket slot includes a few features and bonuses to potentially create some more exciting wins. Continue reading


GEMiX Online Play’n Go Slot Game

This is a rather innovative and unique online slot game design from Play’n Go that rather creatively combines the action of slot gaming with that of the presently very popular fruity grid forming games for the smartphone platform most notably. Whilst this is a theme and game design that has been implemented before, this GEMiX slot game offers a slightly different approach in that the nature of this game is more inclined to that of the aforementioned fruity gem games, with the addition essentially, of the capability of winning real money through said gaming interface. Therefore, this is a slot game variant for players looking for something a little different or for those that love the gem oriented mobile games.

Whether or not the style of this game appeals to players there are still a few features incorporated that make the game rather more exciting than the style might let on. In this regard players will find the usual reels setup missing from this game screen, and rather a 7 by 7 grid takes the central role in this GEMiX slot game, with the possibility then to be able to form up combinations within said grid, comprised predominantly of colourful gems, to ultimately try and hit some wins. Continue reading

Crazy Cows

Online Play’n Go Crazy Cows Slot Game

The name of the game is Crazy Cows and it is an online slot game from Play’n Go, a top slot developer. As the name entails, the theme on the reels of this slot game orients itself around some rather mad bovine and in a definitely comical sense. The graphics of this game aren’t bad, with the farm animals on the reels coming across with a cartoon style applied to them. In this regard there are several aspects of this slot that perpetuate not just the bovine theme but that of a fun farm setting and also hopefully a potential for some winnings.

As far as the gameplay of this slot is concerned, there is a set of 5 reels, with 3 rows of symbols across, so therefore 15 of these themed symbols appear on the reels at any one time. This Crazy Cows slot game from Play’n Go has 15 adjustable pay lines and betting options on the coin value and the number of coins per line, so therefore a range good enough to support the play of a good number of players. In lieu of bonus features on the reels, this slot doesn’t do badly, providing the players with Wilds, free spins and even a bonus game and gamble option to help with the base game winning potential. Continue reading


Online Card Comparison Game BEAT ME

This is a rather unique and simple card game to get involved with and play. The idea behind this BEAT ME card game from Play’n Go is that players must compete against the dealer for the highest drawn card at any given interval. This does allow players to rather quickly join in and have a few games, without necessarily getting bogged down in the semantics of setting up or in the trials of a longer, more drawn out game. There aren’t particularly many different types of betting options and the gameplay is definitely on the simple side of card gaming but overall this card comparison game holds a fair degree of promise. Continue reading